Prototype Information

The layout is a Proto-Freelance West Australian Government Railways (WAGR) during the 1945 – 1971 Era, which combined the Pinnacle of WAGR Steam Power, including the Mighty V Class and the Elegant Pr Express Locomotives through to the1st Generation WAGR Diesels, including the Legendary X Class. The layout takes Design Elements from unique WAGR Stations and Yards, from Mt Helena and Chidlow on WAGR’s Eastern Railway and York on the WAGR Great Southern Railway

Layout Information

The layout is Being built using a 7mm Plywood Top with 89 x 19mm Pine Support Framework being built in 1200mm long Modules using DCC Concepts Aligner Tools to ensure perfect alignment. The Layout is Digital Command Control (DCC) using an NCE SB5, 5 Amp Command Station, supported by an addition NCE DB5 5 Amp Booster with two DCC Specialities PSX-4 Circuit Breaker. The layout also has been designed for Block Detection using an Arduino Micro Controller and for Servo Controlled Turnouts using an Arduino and Servo Driver. Trackwork will be Peco Code 55 Track with Unifrog Points where applicable and Electrofrog Double Slips and Crossover are also featured.

Layout Dimensions are 17 Feet Long (5.2metres) x 8 Feet Wide (2.43metres)

Layout Photos / Trackplan

The layout design is still being finalised. Items highlighted in Colour are having Final Industry and Design Elements Decided